Crown Ridge Farms

*Downland Satinwood

13.0hh Imported Section B Welsh Mare
(*Downland Krugerrand x *Downland Songthrush)
Registered WPCSC & Welsh Pony in Great Britain

"Sadie" represents everything the Downland ponies are famous for. Her calm temperament, flawless conformation and hunter movement make her the ultimate broodmare. She is also very loving and is one of the sweetest mares on the farm. There is no mistaking Sadie is a welsh pony with her expressive doe eyes, sharp little ears and dished face. We are overjoyed with the first foal she has had for us. She is a wonderful, caring mother and has absolutely blossomed. She also has a beautiful deep liver chestnut colour. Along with all her great outward traits, comes her outstanding pedigree.

Sadie has a pedigree stocked with all Downland greats including Mohawk, Chevalier, Romance, and the list goes on. Her sire Downland Kruggerand, replaced the world renowned sire Downland Chevalier when he passed away at the Downland Stud. He sired countless champion ponies worthy of the Downland prefix. Sadie's dam - Downland Songthrush, is not one to be overlooked! She is by the great Downland Mohawk and produced beautiful foals with the welsh look. Her grand-daughter Downland Sailaway, has been a great producer for the Pennwood Stud. With her sweet temperament and great look, Sadie will not only be a huge asset to our breeding program, but will also contribute the Downland blood to the pedigrees in North America.

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